Teaching and Learning Quantum Physics

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(Group Leaders: Sergej Faletic, Marisa Michelini and Gesche Pospiech)

GIREP President Professor Marisa Michelini launched an initiative to create an international community for teaching/learning quantum physics. During the 2019 Conference several individual talks were devoted to this subject, but the main event was a Symposium dealing with this important field, followed by a Discussion Workshop. In 2020, the leadership of this community was updated to include Sergej Faletic and Gesche Pospiech. The community has shared a paper online that summarizes the building of the GIREP community on teaching and learning quantum physics in secondary school and the results of the community’s first discussion workshop. From 2022 the community is a Girep Thematic Group.

All people interested in these questions are invited to put forward their ideas and to start a discussion about this subject.

GIREP members who are interested in participating in this GTG should contact the co-organizers: Sergej Faletic, Marisa Michelini and Gesche Pospiech