GIREP Conference Proceedings and Selected Contributions

Balaton 1981

Proceedings of the GIREP International Conference


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Rehovot 1979

Proceedings of the GIREP International Conference



This volume contains the papers presented at the 7th GIREP conference on Physics teaching, which took place in Rehovot, Israel, from the 19th to the 24th of August, 1979. This was the first time a GIREP conference has been held outside Western Europe, and we were pleased to welcome participants from 26 different countries. We would like to regard this as a sign of recognition of the fact, that within the physics teaching community, we have been able to make some contribution.

No one person could be identified with the updating and development of Physics teaching in this country, more than the late Amos de Shalit. To all of us who are active in this area, in particular those who were fortunate to have known him, Amos was a leader, a teacher and a friend. It was only appropriate, therefore, that the opening session of the conference, whi ch coincided with the 10th anniversary of his untimely death, was dedicated to hi s memory.

To keep up the momentum generated by the conference, we have tried to publish the proceedings at the earliest possible date. This goal has been achieved at the occasional expense of editing and polishing of language andstyle, since, with the exception of minor modifications, the material in this publication has been reproduced directly from copies supplied by the authors .

Finally, we would like to extend our thanks to all the organizations who supported the conference, and all the participants who came to share this experience with us.

Uri Ganiel, Rehovot, June 1980

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Oxford 1978

Proceedings of the GIREP-ICPE International Conference



The Oxford Conference on the Role of the Laboratory in Physics Education was jointly organised by GIREP (Groupe International de Recherche sur l’Enseignement de la Physique), the International Commission on Physics Education and by Unesco. Substantial financial help from Unesco made it possible to bring to the conference a large number of participants from developing countries, and Unesco support has also made possible the publica- tion of these proceedings. Further financial support was provided by the Commonwealth Foundation, the British Council, the Royal Society, the Institute of Physics, COSTED, IBM, Rank-Xerox, ICI and British Petroleum.

We would also like to pay tribute to the support provided by Oxford University, by the two Colleges Jesus and Merton, and by the Clarendon Laboratory. The local Secretary for the conference was Brian Woolnough and the Treasurer Terry Alsop, both from the University Department of Educational Studies. They had worked tirelessly for the conference over a long period and its success owes much to them and to their loyal supporting staff. Finally the difficult task of editing these proceedings has fallen heavily on to Goronwy Jones of University College, Cardiff and a debt of gratitude is due to him.

John L. Lewis, Secretary, ICPE,
Vice President, GIREP

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