Paying your GIREP membership fee

The easiest and cheapest ways

  • transfer the amount of money from your account to

Millegemweg 49
2531 Boechout/Vremde,  Belgium
IBAN BE66 7350 4403 3843   
KBC bank, Dorpsplaats 22-23 , 2531  Boechout/Vremde
(from the euro zone, a transfer is free of charge).

  • transfer the amount due, to your “friend” ( free of charge) using the link and your own PayPal account

In both cases

the amount for 1 year is 30€, for 2 years  60€, for 3 years 90 €

and you need to add a remark to the payment:

your NAME, COUNTRY and the years you pay membership for.
Optimistic example: “Jaime Rodriguez, Colombia, 2016+2017+2018”

More costly:

to transfer money to GIREP’s PayPal account, by using a credit card, or banktransfer, use the button below.  This however is a bit more expensive  as you will notice.

Please choose membership duration

In any case of payment, please send an email to the GIREP treasurer ( and inform him, that you have made the payment and what years your membership payment should be applied to.