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        Covid-19, which was unknown to most people, would have a major impact on our lives. Covid-19 spread quickly like a wild forest fire. People around the globe accepted many changes, but it took time for people to adjust to this new normal.
        Online learning is fast becoming the best way to learn. The virus’s impact was so severe that online education quickly became a part of our ever-growing world. This led to the closing of schools and the cessation of all physical contact between teachers and students. The good news is that most schools and educational institutions resorted to online education to resume their studies. The rise of eLearning has made education radically different. It allows students to learn remotely from their computers, rather than in classrooms.
        Online classes and technology are now a hero during the lockdown. We are all still connected to education, despite being under house arrest. Students are unable to keep in touch with the outside world because of the lockdown. The only thing that has helped students’ mental well-being is the move to online classes. Teachers ensured that students’ learning was not compromised. They took a huge leap forward to find solutions to problems and create new learning environments to help students learn. Because they had little time to prepare, teachers modified curriculums, created new lesson plans, and planned activities so that students can continue learning online.
        Online courses are a growing trend for students across the world. Digital learning makes it easy to find files and folders, which can be organized and saved without any physical damage. Students can quickly access their notes and assignments with one click. Advanced technology has made this method of learning not only easier but also more fun and engaging. Technology-enabled education is more beneficial than traditional methods of learning. This technology makes dull subjects interesting and enjoyable. Because both learning material and classes were accessible online, it was easy for students to access classes anywhere in the world. The integration of online learning platforms with modern interactive applications has made it easier for students and teachers to attend online classes. More students can express themselves online using some online applications. The teachers are able to easily track down those students who failed to submit their assignments online. Students are more careful with their submissions online. Online learning has enabled students to be independent learners before they venture into the real world. Students had the chance to learn from new platforms and learning apps during class. This helped them to grow their skills and capabilities, which in turn accelerated their growth. Some students are responding well to the interactive learning environment provided online by teachers, while others require a push at times.
        Many schools, both public and private, have made an easy transition to online platforms like Zoom, Google classrooms, Microsoft team, and Microsoft Teams. Although many people find it difficult, some do not see it as a problem. There are many challenges to online learning. Although online learning was a key component of the pandemic’s success, it is not easy to ignore its many consequences. Due to the non-availability or network of smartphones, laptops, or computers, students cannot access online classes. Unfortunately, this has led to more people being on the receiving end. This can increase the inequality between demography and class in terms of access to quality education.
        Students face one of the greatest challenges in online learning: the inability to concentrate for extended periods of time on a screen. Online distractions can be distracting and attractive to students in a lot of cases. The teachers made great efforts to ensure that students are focused and engaged in the online class. Internet connectivity is critical to online classes. Online classes may not be 100% reliable. Although internet connectivity has greatly improved in the past few decades, there are still some areas where people don’t have access to good internet speeds and connectivity. Students often use the inconsistency to excuse themselves from important requirements, such as active visual presence. This is vital for maintaining due vigilance. Students and teachers will feel disconnected if the cameras are off. Students would often log in to the class and then be distracted by other activities. The students don’t have to follow the guidelines and boundaries of a classroom setting. This makes it appear that they do not value the curriculum. You may not have taken the notebook work seriously. Students may become distracted while learning online. The benefit of face-to-face interactions with peers, which are often moderated by a teacher, is offered in traditional classroom education. For children in their early years of development, physical classroom interaction is a safe place for them to socialize and develop skills such as empathy and cooperation. It supports their overall development as well as real-life situations.
        I believe learning never stopped. It evolved not only to survive but also to thrive. Technology has proved to be the most important enabler of that which itself is an invention. The advancement of technology has enabled learning. Parents and teachers are essential in helping students navigate this challenging time of learning. Online and offline learning could go hand in hand, and eventually online education will be an integral part of school education. In the future, education will be hybrid. Covid is a time when technology was a part of academics. Both students and teachers can use online applications and programs to enhance their skills and knowledge. Online teaching is not a substitute for traditional classroom teaching. After the pandemic, we will have to go back to traditional teaching.
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