Letter of GIREP President

Note: This letter of GIREP president is also available as a pdf file
Dear Colleagues,
As GIREP-EPEC Conference in Wroclaw is quickly approaching, we would like to express our hope that it will be a great opportunity to share the research work, experience and needs in physics teaching and physics education research. We are happy to acknowledge that fruitful cooperation between GIREP and its friendly organizations is growing and some of the representatives of these communities will be present at GIREP-EPEC conference.
We would like to invite you to the GIREP General Assembly meeting which this year will take place during GIREP-EPEC 2015 conference in Wroclaw on the 8th of July, starting at 4:45 p.m. in room Chrysler AB. The agenda of the GA is the following:
Agenda of General Assembly
Approval of the Agenda
Approval of the minutes of the previous GA meeting in 2014
Report by President and General Secretary on GIREP activities
Financial report by Treasurer
Discussion on GIREP activities and policy
Voting on approval of the GIREP Committee reports
GIREP Statute
Discussion and voting on GIREP Statute
Future activities: GIREP seminar in Krakow (2016), GIREP conference in Dublin (2017), agreement between GIREP and the Association of Students
GIREP Statute
As announced in previous communications, the GIREP Committee has put together a Statute for GIREP as a legal organisation. The final version, after consulting you all, is available now at http://girep.org/media/GIREP_Statutes.pdf . During the General Assembly we will ask GIREP members for the approval of the document. (Update information: The final approved version of GIREP Statute is presented now at the link above.)
GIREP Conference in Wroclaw – special events announcement
GIREP Pre-conference for teachers
All registered participants are entitled to participate for free in the pre-conference for teachers on Sunday afternoon the 5th and Monday morning the 6th of July. You can find all information on http://girep2015.ifd.uni.wroc.pl/teachers/ . For practical reasons registration is needed by writing an e-mail to Dobromila Szczepaniak (dobnosz@gmail.com) with the subject “”GIREP teachers pre-conference”. Please do this at the latest on July 1st.
GIREP National Representatives Meeting
The meeting with GIREP representatives will be organized by GIREP Vice-President Wim Peeters on Monday, the 6th of July from 4:45 p.m. in room Chrysler AB.
Kick-off meeting: Interest group “Instructional practices in teaching physics at the University Level”
In many countries we struggle with a low number of students enrolling and graduating from physics or related subjects, drop-out rates are high. One success factor among many others in higher education is the quality of instruction. GIREP regards the issue of instructional practices as highly important and wants to launch an initiative that stimulates exchange, research and co-operations among university teachers, physics education researchers and universities with the aim to improve the quality of teaching physics in all contexts at the university level. As a starting point, we would like to invite you to a first kick-off meeting which takes place at the GIREP-EPEC 2015 Conference in Wroclaw, in room Jaguar A on Wednesday, 8th of July, between 3:15 p.m. and 4:15 p.m., and is organized by GIREP Vice-President Claudia Haagen-Schuetzenhoefer . Everybody who is interested in this topic is welcome. Please join us!
GIREP Thematic Groups
GIREP Thematic Groups (GTGs) have been established in order to involve members in discussions and work on particular problems and issues in physics education, also between GIREP conferences. So far six GTGs have been initiated (http://girep.org/thematic-groups/) and GIREP members are welcome to join one of them or to propose a new one according to their specific interest. We invite you all to GTGs Symposia (Maths GTG and Problem Solving GTG) on Wednesday, the 8th of July.
GIREP publications
During entire GIREP-EPEC conference the participants will have an opportunity to buy GIREP previous publications. Please, ask for the one you are interested in, already at the reception during registration.
GIREP membership & fee
GIREP Treasurer would like to inform you that there will be a possibility to pay your GIREP membership fee in cash at the GIREP-EPEC 2015 conference. It is a bit cheaper in comparison with payment via bank transfer (just 30€ per year) so do not miss the opportunity! Colleagues who are not yet GIREP members and would like to be, please, do not hesitate and register at the GIREP webpage (https://girep.org/register.html ). The easiest way to pay your membership fee is also in cash at the conference.
GIREP President, Marisa Michelini for GIREP Committee