Proceedings of GIREP Conference (Amsterdam 2006)


Physics Education Research – Indispensable for improving teaching and learning

Reinders Duit

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Physics education research: the key to improving student learning from the introductory to the graduate level

Lilian C. Mc Dermott

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Teaching and Learning physics successfully – What does research evidence tell us?

Norman Reid

Attractive students towards physics – a question of topics?

Laurence Viennot

Physics education and history of physics. A relationship of hate or affection?

George N. Vlahakis

Teaching electromagnetism: issues and changes

Jenaro Guisasola, Marisa Michelini, Alessandra Mossenta, Rossana Viola

Supporting global reasoning in electric circuits: a functional approach to address common misconceptions about electric circuits

Italo Testa, Marisa Michelini

Learning electromagnetism in informal contexts – electromagnetism at the cinema

Antonella Testa

Central features of quantum theory in physic education

Gesche Pospiech, Marisa Michelini, Alberto Stefanel, Lorenzo Santi

Teaching the heart of quantum theory

Gesche Pospiech

Approaching the theory of quantum mechanics: the first steps towards a coherent synthesized interpretation with a supporting formalism

Marisa Michelini

Worksheets for pupils involvement in learning quantum mechanics

Marisa Michelini, Lorenzo Santi, Alberto Stefanel

Learning physics by guided inquiry

Lillian C. McDermott, Paula R. L. Heron

Physics research coming into school

G. Karwasz

Fom the atom to the stars: astrophysics at school – Some educational considerations about an astrophysical laboratory for undergraduate students in Italy

Davide Cenadelli, Antonella Testa

A proposal about Rutherford backscattering spectrometry for a second level master in physics education

Federico Corni

Physics of high-energy particle detectors

Lorenzo Santi, Marisa Michelini

On the track of modern physics

Grzegorz Karwasz, Andrzej Karbowski, Grzegorz Osiński, Tomasz Wróblewski, Anna Kamińska, Helena Nowakowska

Supercomet – Superconductivity made easy

Vegard Engstrøm, Marisa Michelini, Wim Peeters, Andrzej Karbowski, Grzegorz Karwasz

School coming to science centres

Jolanta Kruk, Grzegorz Karwasz

Hands-on workshop: nano goes to school

Gorazd Planinšič, Manfred Euler, Monika Plisch

Creative-discovery workshop on droplets and dripping

Katarina Teplanova, Michal Matejka

Interdisciplinary classroom – physics hands-on experiments as motivation stimulating agents

Lea Valentina Lavrik, Meir Vladymir Shunyakov, Lilia Bograchev, Tatiana Olevsky, Josef Feigenberg

The secondary school experimentation of super comet in Italy

R. Viola, M Michelini, L. Santi, F. Corni

Interforemetric effects of thin layers in everyday objects

Ciro Marino, Manuela Perosino, Lorenzo Visca, Daniela Allasia, Giuseppina Rinaudo

Radiation risks, nuclear energy and “the devil”

Daniela Allasia, Giuseppina Rinaudo

Simple experiments made in vocational school

Valentin Peternel

Example of cross-curricular connection

Valentin Peternel

Optical switching devices

T. Kranjc, J. Pirš

Optical switching devices