GIREP Meetings from the very beginning

January, 1967 (Lausanne, Switzerland)

In collaboration with the International Commission of Mathematics Teaching, preliminary informal meeting on the co–ordination of mathematics and physics teaching at the secondary school.

30 October–5 November, 1968 (Malvern, UK)

Study and discussion of the Nuffield Physics.

30 July–5 August, 1969 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Energy in the lower secondary school, Quantum mechanics and Relativity in the higher secondary school.

16–18 March, 1972 (Kiel, Germany)

Joint GIREP-UNESCO Meeting on the implementation of curricula in science education with sepcial regard to physics teaching.

14–20 October, 1973 (Venezia, Italy)

Electricity, magnetism and mechanics in the secondary school

6–10 September, 1976 (Montpellier, France)

Two main topics: “First steps in teaching physics at the beginning of secondary school”, and “Probability and Statistics in physics teaching”

14–21 July, 1978 (Oxford, UK)

joint ICPE-GIREP Meeting on “The role of the Laboratory in Physics Teaching”

19–24 August, 1979 (Rehovot, Israel)

two topics: “Teaching Waves and Oscillations” and “Current Problems in Physics Teaching”.

6–12 September, 1981 (Balatonfüred, Hungary)

“Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Power”.

20–25 August, 1984 (Zeist, Holand)

“The many faces of teaching and learning mechanics”